Appliance Types


Appliance Types We Repair

No matter what the appliance repair need you have, look no further than us. We are the only appliance repair service in Grand Rapids for high end appliance repair. Refrigerator repair, ice maker repair, freezer repair, dishwasher repair, range repair, oven repair, cooktop repair, washer repair and dryer repair we do it all. Book your appointment today!.

Millers Appliance services major appliances including:

Refrigerators Freezers Under-Counter Icemakers Wine Storage Units Dishwashers Washers
Dryers Stoves Cook Tops Ranges Convection Ovens Self-Cleaning Ovens

Washers and Dryers

From washing clothes by hand in the 1800's, to steam-driven commercial machines in the 20th century to electric and computerized washers and dryers today, technology has improved capacity to care for our clothes, blankets, curtains, towels and more. Washers and dryers are now fully automated to the point that its hard to say,  "we do the laundry". The machines are doing it! This also means that we rely on our washers and dryers so much that when they break, or need a service call, we need them to be fixed right away. Our technicians are there for you.

Refrigerators and Stoves

Refrigerators and stoves are the heart of the kitchen. With the complex workings of todays major appliances it is a must to hire a professional. Whether your appliances are built- in or freestanding our team of trained technicians can diagnose and repair in a timely manner and have you back to cooking in no time at all. Warm refrigerators are our specialty, we want your food cold as much as you. Call today for your in home repair.


Most kitchens today have a dishwasher. Both time and money saving, these machines are a convenience we all love. When yours is down our factory trained technicians will provide you with a quick answer and solution to the problem.