Repair or Replace Your Major Appliance

When your major appliance breaks down, you need to determine if you want to buy a new one or have your existing one repaired. This is an important decision because, in some cases, time may not be on your side. For example, if your refrigerator goes out then you need to get it back online so that you can start bringing food back into the house. You also run the risk of having all of the food that is in the unit going bad as well. Public Laundromats are expensive and not everyone has the time to wash dishes. If your appliance is under warranty, then the decision is easy. If it is not currently covered, then you have a decision to make.

Sometimes repairing or replacing an appliance is a matter of semantics. If your appliance is 20 years of age or older and is no longer enough to support your growing family, then you will want to replace it. For example, that old refrigerator you and your wife started out with before the kids came along was the perfect size for the two of you. But as the years have gone by, the capacity of the refrigerator is no longer enough to allow you to provide food for your family. That is when it is time to allow the old appliance to be replaced. Many major appliance sales organizations will take away your old appliance for no charge when they deliver your new one.