posted on 29 June 2016

Service Call 101

What should the customer expect from us as a company?

Being a business of professionals you can start by expecting us to look that way. The service technician will arrive in our uniform and will drive a truck clearly stating our company name Miller's Appliance Service. You can also expect our technicians to be knowledgeable of your appliances. We will do our best to be quick and efficient on our service calls. When the service technician arrives it should be in the time window given, we strive to be punctual as well as up front with our customers as best as possible. If we are running late due to traffic or any other unexpected delays we plan to keep you posted. When we arrive we will get right to work and provide any information necessary as well as if any additional information is requested. Our technicians are expected to be friendly as well as helpful in any way they can be. We view it as our responsibility to serve you as best we can.

What do we expect from the customer?

Just as we strive for punctuality, we also hope for this courtesy from our customers. With keeping a tight schedule we request this small help from our customers. Another area we ask for help from our customer is the information they have at hand. So that we can be as knowledgeable as possible, it is extremely helpful for our customers to be prepared to give all necessary information. This includes the make and model of the machine as well as the serial number located on your appliance. This will help not only with knowing what we are there to do, but also on the time we spend fixing the machine. If you're unsure, it is always best to not tinker - if you don't know what the issue is, it's best to allow us to come in and diagnose with the machine together. It is very difficult to come in and work on an already torn apart machine. We also expect a clear and easy access to the appliance. Laundry rooms should be free of clothes and clutter. And last but not least, please let us know how we did or if there is any way you suggest that we could better our service to you. We strive to serve our customer as best as possible.