posted on 31 May 2016

Decoration Day

This Memorial Day lets remember everyone that has served our country.
Those that have given their lives to serve for you and me to be free. We need to remember to honor every man and woman who proudly wears or has worn a uniform. Let's try not to think of Memorial Day as just another 3 day weekend, or a time for parades, or a time to get together to cook out, but as a day of remembrance and honor. This day means so much more and holds much significance for so many. Please consider that this day should hold significance for every single American. We are free because so many have sacrificed for our country. They gave so that we could live and be free. Something to also remember, is that Memorial Day reminds many of those they have lost, so let's respect those that have given their lives as well as their families. Let's be proud to wear the red white and blue and support our troops, firefighters, police officers and everyone in uniform. Show support and remember today isn't just another paid day off. This day represents your grandparents, parents, neighbors, aunts, uncles, friends, cousins, and even your children that have chosen or will choose to serve our country. Let's remember to thank as well as pray for those serving. 

To every man or woman that has chosen to serve we say "thank you for your service!" On this day of remembrance let's choose to honor, love, and respect - this is the least every American can do.

God bless America!