posted on 23 May 2016

More than just an appliance

What does your appliance mean to you? 

To me my appliances are a whole lot more than "just an appliance". They are my get it done quick and easy - when I think about it, they are my time saving machines! They allow me to multi task as well as get my house clean quickly and with as little effort on my part as possible. I can have my dishwasher cleaning my dishes for me while my washer gets the spaghetti sauce out of my 1 year old's clothing all in one shot. When I need to save time on my cooking I can simply use the time bake feature on my oven, by doing this I can prepare my dinner in the morning, quick set the time bake feature and just like that I can leave and later arrive home at dinner time with dinner ready to be served. No hustle and bustle when I see my husband backing up the drive way.

 So having nice reliable appliances as well as maintained appliances is important. I paid good money for my kitchen and laundry equipment and I plan to keep them around for as long as I can. One way I ensure that I can keep my equipment around as long as possible is by buying American made products. It also helps to buy from a live contact person, if I'm looking to support the community I can also shop at a small owned business, this will also ensure good customer service and help when I need repair. And when your machine is down or in need of repair I only trust the best. So when you got a problem call the professionals... Let's not risk your time management machines.