posted on 29 April 2016

Classic Errors Committed By Washer Owners

A washer is always a big purchase, which most people plan to keep for a very long time before having to purchase another one. Unfortunately, a lot of people make mistakes when using their washing machine, which may lead to premature wear in the long run. To shed some light on classic errors committed by washing machine owners, Miller's Appliance, a washing machine specialist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has prepared a short list explaining some common mistakes and their possible consequences. Be sure to call them up if you have any question. 

Not Cleaning The Dispensers
Even if the slots technically hold a cleaning agent, they also need to be cleaned themselves. You should actually do so after every wash. If they are left dirty, they could clog and prevent the soap or softener from reaching your clothes.

Forgetting Stuff in your Pockets
Even if some quarters will probably not cause problems to your machine, the ink from that ball pen is sure to ruin all the clothes in your clothes. Also, even a small piece of paper can clog the drain and prevent the machine from functioning and cost a lot to remove.

Being Too Loose With the Detergent
Even if some clothes get really dirty, detergent will wear your machine over time if used excessively, especially if the detergent used is very abrasive and strong. Being too loose with detergent will also make your clothes stiffer. It's always better to use a little less and too much.

Leaving your clothes in for too long
Leaving your clothes in the washer for an hour or two after the cycle will probably not cause much damage, but it is a bad idea to leave them in for a longer time than that, as humid clothes are a perfect environment for moisture. Not only can this moisture make your clothes smell really bad and potentially ruin them, it can also make your machine stink! It is also recommended to leave your machine open once you are done. 

Once people are aware of these classic mistakes, they usually tend to not make them, and we hope this article has proven useful. If your washing machine or any of your home appliances is giving you an issue, be sure to give a call to Miller's Appliance Service for efficient appliance service in Grand Rapids.