posted on 19 April 2016

Understanding the Air Fluff Cycle In A Drying Machine

This is a feature of a dryer with which very few people are familiar, and most owners never select it. To help you understand it and use it properly, Miller's Appliance Service, an drying machine servicer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has outlined the main usages of the Air Fluff Cycle. 

The difference between this cycle and the other features of your drying machine is that it does not use any heat. It automatically turns off the heating element and simply lets the ambient air flow through your machine. This results in a very smooth dry, which does not affect the fabric of your clothes.

What will happen is that your clothes will gently spin around the drum, and the water will eventually be removed. Keep in mind that this cycle is not recommended for clothes that are not meant to be put in the dryer. 

That being said, the Air Fluff cycle works really well on delicate clothing, since it does not involve any intense spinning. However, a setback of this feature is that you need more time in order to dry even a small load, as there is no heat involved in the process. Therefore, it should not be used for a larger load.

Keep in mind that the Air Fluff cycle may be named differently on specific models of drying machine (i.e. Air Dry, No Heat, etc.) To make sure you are using the right cycle, refer to your instruction manual, which should also detail the proper way to use the Air Fluff.

You feel any heat coming out of your drying machine while you are using the Air Fluff cycle, you should call a dryer specialist right away, as this may be a manifestation of an underlying issue. If you are in need of an appliance servicer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, do give a call to Miller's Appliance Service right away for prompt and efficient service. You can also visit their website to find out more about the different services they offer or to book an appointment for a preventative maintenance on your home appliances.