posted on 07 April 2016

Induction Cooker Troubleshooting

New technology becomes available daily in every field. This is no different for kitchen appliances. One of these new and exciting technologies is induction cooking. Via a magnetic field and particular cookware, an induction cooktop will cook a meal within just a few moments, whereas an ordinary range would have taken hours for similar results.

Though induction cookers offer amazing benefits, they can be prone to troubles as often as any appliance. Due to this, Miller's Appliance Service, an appliance specialist in Great Rapids, Michigan has prepared the following short list of common problems with induction cookers.

1. Induction cooker refuses to work
The control buttons may be locked. Set the controls to unlock it. See the instruction manual if necessary. Also check your fuses and breakers to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

2. Induction cooker goes off even while cooking food
This could happen for many reasons, among them the automatic shut-off feature. An alternate cause may just be that equipment has climbed to an exceedingly high temperature. Take time and make sure the vent holes are not stuffed.

3. Element does not heat up the food
Again, a lot of causes could be at the source of this issue. The cooking control configurations may also be incorrect. The cookware you are actually using may not intended for induction cooking. It may also not be positioned adequately. Make certain that the cookware surface area is resting fully on the induction cooker surface.

4. Element extremely warm or not warm enough
Look at your current control setting and adjust it until you reach the desired temperature. Make sure that you are using flat-bottom cookware and not warped pans.

If the situation you are encountering with your induction cooker is not posted above, or if the tips presented really do not allow you to correct it, call up Miller's Appliance Service. With their crew of certified appliance technicians in Grand Rapids, they will make sure the challenge you are having is solved rapidly with kind and impressive support. Additionally, you can take a look at their website to learn what other services they provide, since they are dedicated to residential hardware repair.