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Posted on 29 April 2016

Classic Errors Committed By Washer Owners

A washer is always a big purchase, which most people plan to keep for a very long time before having to purchase another one. Unfortunately, a lot of people make mistakes when using their washing machine, which may lead to premature wear in the long run. To shed some light on classic errors committed by washing machine owners, Miller's Appliance, a...

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Posted on 19 April 2016

Understanding the Air Fluff Cycle In A Drying Machine

This is a feature of a dryer with which very few people are familiar, and most owners never select it. To help you understand it and use it properly, Miller's Appliance Service, an drying machine servicer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has outlined the main usages of the Air Fluff Cycle. The difference between this cycle and the other features of your...

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Posted on 07 April 2016

Induction Cooker Troubleshooting

New technology becomes available daily in every field. This is no different for kitchen appliances. One of these new and exciting technologies is induction cooking. Via a magnetic field and particular cookware, an induction cooktop will cook a meal within just a few moments, whereas an ordinary range would have taken hours for similar results.Though...

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